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Generate POJO or Utility using Freemarker

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Spring batch Read Process Write

Read from DataBase Write in XML database.xml context.xml userDBReaderXMLWriter.xml Read from XML Write in DataBase userXMLReaderDBWriter.xml ul>

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Spring Liquibase – DB Creation/Changes

Steps to Configure Spring Liquibase – Dependency – pom.xml – In ApplicationContext.xml Create bean of SpringLiquibase – db-changelog.xml – We have to place sql files in project for above mentioned location(path attribute)

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Understanding Propagation value for @Transactional in Spring

MANDATORY Support a current transaction, throw an exception if none exists. NESTED Execute within a nested transaction if a current transaction exists, behave like PROPAGATION_REQUIRED else. NEVER Execute non-transactionally, throw an exception if a transaction exists. NOT_SUPPORTED Execute non-transactionally, suspend … Continue reading

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Spring AOP

Spring AOP (Aspect-oriented programming) framework is used to modularize cross-cutting concerns in aspects. Put it simple, it’s just an interceptor to intercept some processes, for example, when a method is execute, Spring AOP can hijack the executing method, and add … Continue reading

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spring security 3 custom authentication manager

applicationContext.xml CustomAuthenticationFilter

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Understanding Spring and Spring Security…

Understanding Spring In Spring 2.0 and later, the @Repository annotation is a marker for any class that fulfills the role or stereotype (also known as Data Access Object or DAO) of a repository. Among the uses of this marker is … Continue reading

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