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Download File from FileSystem in JSF 2.0

Below method is to be called on <h:commandButton> or <h:commandLink> .

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Spring AOP

For Transaction Management we need to throw customized exception for specific database table for Ex :

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Steps for adding RichFaces 3.3.3 to JSF 2.0

Following is to be added to web.xml Following is to added to faces-config.xml

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Calling Stored Procedure Using Spring JdbcTemplate

MySQL stored Procedure

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Multilingual in JSF 2.0

For Multilingual we have to make property file for each Language. index.xhtml Following is to be added to faces-config.xml Below property file must be placed in class path. Display 1 : Display 2 :

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Copy Properties from One Bean to Another

Spring provides copyProperties method which allows to copy values of properties from one bean to another, the thing is property name & type should be same in both beans .

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